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"Demo Tapes"
Desmond Barrow proudly presents Boston: We Found It In The Trashcan, Honest!
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General info
Title....................: We Found It In The Trashcan, Honest!
Artist...................: Boston
Label & Catalogue Number.: Dragonfly Records BOSS-1
Genre of posting.........: Demo recordings (stereo)
Type of recording........: Bootleg
Release year recording...: 1978
Number of songs..........: 6
Total playing time.......: 22:09 w/ :03 spaces added between tracks
Ripped media.............: Vinyl
Application used.........: Cool Edit 2000, at 32-bit

Posting info
Name of poster...........: Desmond Barrow
Posting date.............: 10/9/2002
80mins CDR required......: NO
Discs required for burn..: 1
Total posting size.......: 8 files (incl. bad web .jpg of cover and NFO)
Repost/fill policy.......: On request in the group


No Boston fan should be without this bootleg.

This bootleg is legendary. The story is that the tapes that made this bootleg were stolen from Tom Scholz' garbage. A more believable story is that these recordings came from one of the demo tapes sent out to record companies before Boston was a band. Who knows which story is true? But it is rumored that Tom now shreds his used recording tapes before throwing them out. :-)

The sound quality is a bit rough, but considering the fact that these are early demos it is passable. In fact, for an amateur demo recording it is quite good. And if the legend is true, they were apparently good enough to land Boston a recording deal.

But the really neat thing about these six demos is the early musical directions that were being explored. For instance, "Life Isn't Easy", an early version of Something About You, goes in a surprising new direction other than what we're familiar with on the finished released product. My jaw dropped the first time I heard this song. I could not believe how different it was!

The arwork is fairly simple. My LP came simply in a plain white jacket with a black and white photo printed on a greenish sheet of paper slipped behind the shrink-wrap. The photo is unique in that it is rare. I believe the source for the photo is an old color poster.

Bootlegs are cool, especially the classic LP bootlegs. This one is famous. No serious Boston collecor should be without this one.


Those are the infamous homemade recordings Tom Scholz made in his basement c. 1973-1975, which he then shopped around to various record companies. After securing the contract with CBS, the songs on the demos were ALL RE-RECORDED. Tom played all musical instruments except drums (which were played by Jim Masdea) and Brad Delp sang all vocals.

The song list is: Rock N Roll Band/ Life Isn't Easy [early version of "Something About You"]/ More Than A Feeling/ Don't Be Afraid Of Love/ Peace Of Mind/ San Francisco Day [early version of "Hitch A Ride"].

Incidentally, Tom claims that these tapes were NOT found in a traschcan; rather, they were stolen from him.
1. Rock N Roll Band
2. Life Isn't Easy [early version of "Something About You"]
3. More Than A Feeling
4. Don't Be Afraid Of Love
5. Peace Of Mind
6. San Francisco Day [early version of "Hitch A Ride"]