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"Band On The Run (2 disc)"
1. Band on the Run
2. Jet
3. Bluebird
4. Mrs. Vandebilt
5. Let Me Roll It
6. Mamunia
7. No Words
8. Helen Wheels
9. Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me)
10. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
11. Band On The Run (Barn Rehearsal)
12. Dialogue Intro/Band on the Run [Nicely Toasted Mix]
13. Band on the Run /Dialogue Link I [Original Version]
14. Band on the Run [Barn Rehearsal]
15. Dialogue Link 2/Mamunia /Dialogue/Mamunia /Dia
16. Bluebird [Live]
17. Bluebird /Dialogue Link 4 [Original Version]
18. Dialogue Link 5/No Words /Dialogue [Original Version] - Geoff Emerick, Paul McCartney & Wings
19. No Words /Dialogue Link 6/Dialogue/Dialogue/Band on the
20. Jet /Dialogue Link 7/Jet /Dialogue [Original Version] - Al Coury, Paul McCartney & Wings
21. Jet [Berlin Soundcheck]
22. Band On The Run (Northern Comic Version)
23. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five /Dialogue Link 9/Dialogue [Original Ve
24. Mrs. Vandebilt /Dialogue Link 11/Dialogue [Original Version] - Kenny Lynch, Paul McCartney & Wings
25. Let Me Roll It /Dialogue Link 12 [Cardington Rehearsal]
26. Dialogue Link 13/Mrs.Vandebilt/Dialogue/Dialogue/Dialogue - Paul McCartney & Wings, Michael Parkinson
27. Helen Wheels /Dialogue Link 14/Dialogue [Crazed Mix] - Christopher Lee, Paul McCartney & Wings
28. Band on the Run /Dialogue Link 15/Dialogue [Strum Bit]
29. Picasso's Last Words /Dialogue Link 16/Dialogue [Original Version] - Dustin Hoffman, Paul McCartney & Wings
30. Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me) [Acoustic Version]
31. Band on the Run /Dialogue Link 17 [Nicely Toasted Mix]
32. Band on the Run [Northern Comic Version]