Steven’s Completely Unsolicited Music Lists Of The Year 2013

Steven’s Completely Unsolicited Music Lists Of The Year.

My Top 5 2 albums of the year.

1. David Bowie – The Next Day
I haven’t liked a Bowie record in a very long time so I was surprised when this one hooked me. It’s just one really well-crafted song after another, although I can’t recommend the BONUS tracks.

2. Mudhoney – Vanishing Point
I’ve always liked individual Mudhoney songs but the albums seemed to drag along in spots to me. This one is pretty damn solid and has a few of my favorite tracks ever from them.
I really wish I could mouth off about more albums this year but nothing else hit me as a whole. Few things make me happier than getting in to a new record and then not shutting up about it to people, sigh. Although I was really shocked to dig the new Black Sabbath but not enough to make the list.

My Top 10 14 songs of the year…and one from 2012. In no order.

1. Punk Rock Saved My Life – Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss
(Throw Rag singer & ex-Weirdos/Joe Strummer collaborator)

2. Everything Has Changed – Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran
(Very young/rich pop stars produced by Butch Walker. Had it in my head for days.)

3. Later…When The TV Turns To Static – Glasvegas
(I have no idea who this band is or care that TVs don’t really go to static anymore. Do they?)

4. Sex – 1975
(Nor this one. They are very indie rock but I like it anyway)

5. Finders Keepers – Audacity
(Replacements style punk/rock from Fullerton…they all look 20 or 16)
6. I Like It Small – Mudhoney
(Grunge pioneers/coattail riders from Washington state)

7. Dead Man’s Shoes – The Virginmarys
(3 piece band…that’s all I know)

8. Trojans – Atlas Genius
(Australian guys, very popular song, great sound from that Tele, lots of space in that band)

9. I’d Rather Be High – David Bowie
(Legend/Transvestite from outer space. Angie Bowie’s ex-husband)

10. Ballad Of The Lower East Side – Michael Monroe
(Ex-Hanoi Rocks singer, an even better frontman/singer now than he was 20 years ago)

11. Back To The Wind – Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders
(Ex-Lazy Cowgirls, one of the best no bullshit bar bands I’ve seen. Plus Angelle always holds their tambourine when we see them live.)

12. Closer – Tegan And Sara
(Um, 2 girls and a MAC? I have no idea but this is very catchy in an ‘80s way.)

13. Royals – Lorde
(Like a lot of radio music these days there are very few instruments on this song. But with hooks like this you don’t need much more than drums and a melody)

14. God Is Dead? – Black Sabbath
(New band? They sound so ‘70s. 😉 It’s almost 9 minutes long and holds my attention. I bet Bill Ward secretly wrote it.)

The whole batch is in a Spotify playlist if you’re so inclined.
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