Wrap me loosely in your chronic haze 
protection from the crashing wave 
I dig for jewels I dream them bare 
spastic contracts signed in piercing stares 

Sometimes the world is claustrophobic 
cast my memories to the wind
gamble long and bide my time 
'til I can fly with you again 

As I prance the trail of Venus 
mythic crossfire and velvet crush 
I cry silver and I chain taboo 
acid dandyism melting through

Feel the gentle stroke of a summer's breeze 
unleashed from a pleasant ceiling 
no matter what the moonlight brings 
keep shroovin' til you get that feeling 

Admission price has been reduced 
see the ticket vender - Mother Goose 
disconnect the senses quick .
and your mind leaves on a paisley trip
paisley trip paisley trip

Pour me out upon the chaos
and let the mystique swallow gloss
I slip through fog and I eat my share 
nothing focused in the dazzle fair 

Placid bolts of delight 
antics from the Neptune jive 
Plastic bastard shiver dome 
elephant candy crawling home 
Succulent dips on sonic fix 
hurling over clover flip 
Vacation that you can't resist 
we all deserve a paisley trip
paisley trip paisley trip

written by
Dennis Williamson / Steven Gullett
copyright 1992