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Mother Love Bone
"Tommy's - Dallas, Texas - 20 April 1989"
Mother Love Bone
Dallas, Texas
20 April 1989

Venue/Date info taken from

This is the same source uploaded by bleach79 but with fixed track 7 (Stardog Champion) as per below. Due to Sector Boundery Error creation after fixing, track 7 AND ALL tracks after it need to be aligned. Aligning track 7 only would have created a blip/skip at track transition between T7 and T 8. This means that filesets 7-10 will not match with the original upload. Track 1-6 will match with original upload. Please note: Downloading track 7 only to use it as substitute in original upload will create a non-smooth track transition between T7 and T8. So please refrain from doing so and subsequently creating unclean copies (re-tracking the last 4 tracks as deterrant against this was uneffective as there was no place to re-track due to very sudden shift by the band into playing each next song).

This upload is permissioned by bleach79 and dime.

Lineage for fixed version : ZRock -> ?? -> Cassette (unknown Gen) -> SbLive! -> Soundforge (fades, normalize) -> CDWAVE (tracking) -> TLH (FLAC/fingerprints) > Dime 29 Nov 2009 > HD > Wave Repair 4.9.3 to remove repeated non-destructive segment at 3:01 of Stardog Champion track 7. Sample Flac segment before fixing is included in this torrent. Two destructive edits at 3:55 and 4:17 on the last track (Holy Roller) were noted by original uploader and are left unaltered on this fix. No ASM applied > Flac frontend lvl 8, verify > Dime

Thanks to the band, taper and uploader bleach72 for granting permission to upload the fix.
1. Thru Fade Away
2. Captain Hi-Top
3. This Is Shangrila
4. Bone China
5. Heartshine
6. Mr. Danny Boy
7. Stardog Champion
8. Half Ass Monkeyboy
9. Crown Of Thorns
10. Holy Roller