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Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders
"The Outskirts of Your Heart"
1. Just Another Stupid Guy
2. Alive as Yesterday
3. November 11th
4. No Place Like Home
5. Your Heart, Your Soul & Your Ass
6. Where Is She Now
7. 2 Year Ride
8. Is My Last Chance Gone
9. All Night Rain/Restless Times
10. As the Years Go Rollin' By
11. Bad Memories, Poison & Regret
12. Hell's Half Acre
13. You Can Yearn Right On
14. Why Don't You Marry Me
15. Thanks for the Misery
16. Thought I Saw My Future in a Little Gray Dress
17. It Was a Stupid Dream Anyway
18. One Long Breakdown
19. Now That the Sinnin' Is Over
20. Don't Cry Baby, You Ain't Gettin' Old
21. Kendall County Blues
22. My Next Time on the Highway
23. I Wonder Why
24. Give Me Back My Heart
25. Go On -- It Don't Mean Nothin' Anymore
26. '77 Tradesman (The Open Road)
27. Wave Goodbye to Me
28. Christmas Day