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Rolling Stones, The
"Demos: Got To Be Worked On"
1. Get Yourself Together (version 3)
2. Yesterday's Papers (early rehearsal take)
3. Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue (early version of Dandelion with Keith Richards on vocals)
4. Old King Cole (early version 1, instrumental take 4 of We Love You)
5. Child Of The Moon (version 4, alternate mix)
6. Jumping Jack Flash (live studio version from version 1 of the promotional film with no make up)
7. Pay Your Dues (early version of Street Fighting Man w/alternate lyrics)
8. Stray Cat Blues (early, alternate mix w/ad lib vocals, louder bass & lead guitar)
9. Parachute Woman (early mix)
10. Factory Girl (alternate fiddle mix)
11. Dear Doctor (early vocal take 1)
12. No Expectations (early take and mix)
13. You Got The Silver (version 2 - early mix, Mick Vocal)
14. Wild Horses #1 (version 4, remix of version 3 without piano)
15. Sister Morphine (version 2)
16. Gimmer Shelter (version 1, alternate lead vocals without backing vocals)
17. Loving Cup (version 1, with alternate piano intro)
18. Dead Flowers (version 2, alternate mix)
19. Bitch (version 2, alternate mix)
20. Brown Sugar (version 2 early vocal, no saxophone)
21. Wild Horses #2 (version 1)