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Frusciante, John
"From The Sounds Inside"
1. So Would Have I (aka 'so Would've I')
2. Three Thoughts
3. I Go Through These Walls
4. Murmur
5. Saturation (Un-mastered Version)
6. Interstate Sex
7. Dying (I Don't Mind)
8. The Battle of Time
9. With Love
10. I Will Always Be Beat Down
11. Fallout (Un-mastered Version)
12. Penetrate Time (aka 'Lou Bergs' or 'Low Birds' aka 'Purity')
13. Slow Down
14. Nature Falls
15. Beginning Again"
16. Leave All the Days Behind (aka 'Cut Myself Out')
17. Place to Drive
18. How High
19. Fallout (Alternate Version)
20. Leaving You
21. Sailing Outdoors