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"The Life And Times Of A Ballad Monger"
1. The Ballad Of No One In Particular (Tyla/Bath)
2. All You Had (Tyla)
3. Bloody Mary (Tyla)
4. Where Were You (Tyla)
5. Little Thing (Tyla)
6. The Adultra (Tyla)
7. Throw It All Away (Tyla)
8. Hard To Leave This World (Tyla)
9. The Town (Tyla)
10. Damnation (Tyla)
11. Daddie?s Dead (Tyla)
12. Spirit Of The Jag (Tyla/Twinch)
13. The Whisper (Tyla/Bath/Mitt)
14. Kings Of The Streets (Tyla)
15. Two Black Eyes (Marriott/Lane)