All My CDs (# 701 )
22 Jacks Going North CD/MP3
22 Jacks Overserved CD/MP3
60 Ft. Dolls Supernatural Joy CD/MP3
60 Ft. Dolls The Big 3 CD/MP3
77's Seventy Sevens, The (Deluxe Version) CD/MP3
AC/DC High Voltage CD-R/MP3
Adams, Ryan & The Cardinals Cardinology CD/MP3
Aerosmith Nine Lives CD/MP3
Aerosmith Pandora's Box CD
Aerosmith Pump CD/MP3
Against Me! The Disco Before The Breakdown CD/MP3
Altered Statesman Altered Statesman CD/MP3
Altered Statesman, The EP CD/WMA
American Static, The Amour Espace Temps CD/MP3
American Static, The The American Static CD/MP3
Apple, Fiona When The Pawn… CD/MP3
Art Brut Art Brut vs Satan CD/MP3
Art vs. Science Magic Fountain CD/MP3
Aztec Camera Crying Scene EP CD/MP3
Aztec Camera Good Morning Britain maxi-single CD/MP3
Aztec Camera Live International Manchester UK 01/29/88 CD-R/MP3
Aztec Camera Stray CD/MP3
Bacchus, Richard & The Luckiest Girls Jet Black & Beautiful CD/MP3
Backyard Babies Making Enemies Is Good CD/MP3
Backyard Babies Total 13 CD/MP3
Bad Company 10 From 6 CD/MP3
Bakers Pink Bakers Pink CD/MP3
Bang Tale, The Live @ El Diablo Lounge 10/16/02 CD-R
Bang Tale, The Spanked and Spoiled CD
Bang Tango Dancin' On Coals CD/MP3
Bangles September Gurls CD/MP3
Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique CD-R
Beat Up, The Messed Up CD/MP3
Beatallica A Garage Dayz Nite MP3/CD-R
Beatallica Beatallica MP3/CD-R
Beatallica Live MP3/CD-R
Beatles, The 1962-1966 CD-R
Beautiful Authentic Zoo Gods, The Birth CD/WMA
Beautiful Creatures Promo 2 song single CD
Bedlam Into The Coals CD
Bellrays, The Have A Little Faith CD/MP3
Bent Backed Tulips, The Looking Through... CD/MP3
Bern, Dan Boy, Dog, Van CD/WMA
Bern, Dan Dan Bern CD
Bern, Dan Marilyn single CD
Bern, Dan Smartie Mine CD/MP3
Betty Blowtorch Are You Man Enough? CD-R/MP3
Birdland w/ Lester Bangs Birdland w/ Lester Bangs CD
Black Crowes, The By Your Side CD
Black Crowes, The Shake Your Money Maker CD/WMA
Black Crowes, The The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion CD
Black Halos We Are Not Alone CD/MP3
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Take Them On, On Your Own CD/MP3
Blind Melon Nico CD/MP3
Bonneville Collection from Tod CD/MP3
Boss Hog Boss Hog CD
Bottle Rockets, The The Brooklyn Side CD/MP3
Bowie, David Changesbowie CD/WMA
Bowie, David Ziggy Stardust CD/MP3
Boy Genius Last Grand Experiment CD/MP3
Brainiac Basement Demo 03/28/1992 CD-R
Brainiac Electro-Shock For President CD/WMA
Brainiac Hissing Prigs In Static Couture CD/WMA
Brainiac Live 07/02/95, VPRO Session CD-R
Brainiac Live At Canal Street 8/12/95 CS-C/CD-R
Brainiac Rarities CD-R
Brainiac Smack Bunny Baby CD/WMA
Brassknuckle Boys American Bastard CD/MP3
Bright Eyes Cassadaga MP3/CD
Bright Eyes Compilation CD-R
Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake It's Morning CD/MP3
Brown, Greg Poet Game CD/MP3
Buckra Camouflage Playboys International MP3/CD-R
Buckra Loose Gems CD
Buckra So Many Weapons MP3/CD-R
Bugg, Jake Shangri La MP3/CD
Bukowski, Charles At Terror Street and Agony Way CD/MP3
Bukowski, Charles Hostage CD/MP3
Bukowski, Charles Poems And Insults CD/MP3
Burning Brides Fall Of The Plastic Empire CD/MP3
Burning Brides Leave No Ashes CD/MP3
Butthole Surfers Electriclarryland CD/WMA
Cage Magnificent Propaganda Opportunity CD/WMA
Cake Prolonging The Magic CD/MP3
Cantrell, Carter Tracks CD
Captain Of Industry The Great Divide CD
Captain Woodycrafter, The The Captain Woodycrafter CD
Carroll, Jim Catholic Boy CD/MP3
Carroll, Jim Pools of Mercury CD/MP3
Carroll, Jim Praying Mantis CD/MP3
Cars, The The Cars CD/LP/MP3
Cavanaugh, Meg Painting Over The Blue CD
Celtic Boys, The What's The Craic CD
Chainsaw Kittens Angel On The Range CD/WMA
Chainsaw Kittens Chainsaw Kittens CD/WMA
Chainsaw Kittens Flipped Out In Singapore CD/WMA
Chainsaw Kittens High In High School EP CD/WMA
Chainsaw Kittens Pop Heiress CD/WMA
Chainsaw Kittens Violent Religion CD/WMA
Cherry Thirteen Guilty As Sin CD/WMA
Cherry Thirteen Livin Like Dogs / When She Falls CD
Chichester, Happy Live 03/28/03 CD/MP3
Chichester, Happy Live 12/14/03 CD-R
Chichester, Happy Lovers Come Back CD/WMA
Chichester, Happy / Howlin' Maggie Rarities (includes solo live in Dayton) CD-R
Chrome, Cheetah Alive in Detroit CD
Circus Of Power Circus Of Power CD-R/MP3
Circus Of Power Vices CD/WMA
Civet Massacre CD/MP3
Clockwise, Andy Good Book EP CD/MP3
Company Man Endless Growth CD
Concrete Blonde Bloodletting CD/WMA
Concrete Blonde Concrete Blonde CD/WMA
Concrete Blonde Free CD/WMA
Concrete Blonde Still In Hollywood CD/WMA
Cooke, Sam The Man And His Music CD-R/MP3
Cope, Wil Nights Blind CD
Cornershop Superchic single CD/MP3
Costello, Elvis And The Attractions The Very Best Of... CD/MP3
Counting Crows August And Everything After CD/WMA
Course Of Empire Course Of Empire CD/MP3
Crash Street Kids Chemical Dogs CD/MP3
Crazy Squeeze, The The Crazy Squeeze CD/MP3
Croce, Jim Bab, Bad Leroy Brown & Other Hits CD/MP3
Cult, The Electric CD/WMA
Cure, The Boys Don't Cry CD/MP3
Cure, The Disitegration CD/MP3
Cure, The Head On The Door CD-R/MP3
Cure, The Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me CD/MP3
Cure, The Staring At The Sea : The Singles CD/WMA
D Generation D Generation CD/MP3
D Generation No Lunch CD/WMA
Daisy Chainsaw Eleventeen CD/WMA
Daisy Chainsaw Love Sick Pleasure EP CD/WMA
Dead Boys All This And More CD
Dead Boys Night Of The Living Dead Boys w/ Bonus Tracks CD/MP3/CS-C
Dead Boys Young, Loud And Snotty LP/CD/WMA
Def Leppard High 'N' Dry CD/MP3
Def Leppard Pyromania LP/CD/MP3
Deprator, Derek Across The Country CD-R
Dimestore Haloes Long Ride To Nowhere CD/MP3
Dirty Eyes Deadbeat Blues CD/MP3
Dogs D'Amour, The A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles LP/CD/WMA
Dogs D'Amour, The All Or Nothing single CD/MP3
Dogs D'Amour, The All Or Nothing single w/ postcards CD
Dogs D'Amour, The Back On The Juice single CD
Dogs D'Amour, The Bulletproof Poems: The Unauthorized Dogs D'Amour Tribute Album CD-R
Dogs D'Amour, The Dogs Hits & Bootleg Album CD
Dogs D'Amour, The Empty World single CD/MP3
Dogs D'Amour, The In The Dynamite Jet Saloon CD/WMA
Dogs D'Amour, The Ins an outs, ups an downs EP CD/MP3
Dogs D'Amour, The King Of The Thieves CD/MP3
Dogs D'Amour, The More Uncharted Heights Of Disgrace CD/WMA
Dogs D'Amour, The Pretty Pretty Once CD/MP3
Dogs D'Amour, The Straight LP/CD/WMA
Dogs D'Amour, The Tail Of Tears single CD
Dogs D'Amour, The The State We're In CD-R/MP3/CS-C
Drake, Nick Bryter Layter CD/WMA
Drake, Nick Day Is Done (studio Outtakes) CD-R
Drake, Nick Five Leaves Left CD/MP3
Drake, Nick Pink Moon CD/WMA
Drake, Nick Tanworth - In - Arden 1967/68 CD
Drake, Nick Time Has Told Me (2 CDs) CD-R
Drake, Nick Time Of No Reply CD/WMA
Dramarama 18 Big Ones : The Best Of CD/MP3
Dramarama Absolutely 100% Made in N.J. EP CD/MP3
Dramarama Box Office Bomb CD/MP3
Dramarama California Uber Alles 10/03 CD/MP3
Dramarama Cinama Verite...Plus CD/MP3
Dramarama Cinema Verite CD
Dramarama Days of Wine and Roses (The Trash Tapes) CD/MP3
Dramarama Everybody Dies CD/MP3
Dramarama Hi-Fi Sci-Fi CD/WMA
Dramarama Live At The China Club CD/MP3
Dramarama Stuck In Wonderamaland CD/MP3
Dramarama Vinyl CD/MP3
Dramarama Vinyl EP CD/MP3
Easdale, John Bright Side CD/MP3
Easdlae, John live solo mini set CD-R/MP3
Eels Beautiful Freak CD/MP3
Eels The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everet (Deluxe Edition) CD/MP3
Electric Angels Electric Angels CD/CS/WMA
Electric Angels Electric Angels (reissue) CD/MP3
Emotional Fish, An An Emotional Fish CD/MP3
Emotional Fish, An Celebrate CD-5 maxi single CD/WMA
Emotional Fish, An Junk Puppets CD/WMA
Emotional Fish, An Live Bait CD/WMA
Eno, Brian Ambient 2 CD/MP3
Eno, Brian Here Come The Warm Jets MP3/CD-R
Eurythmics Greatest Hits CD/MP3
Fabulous Miss Wendy, The The Fabulous Miss Wendy CD
Faith No More The Real Thing CD/WMA
False Alarm Fuck 'Em We've All Ready (Now) Won! CD
Faster Pussycat Faster Pussycat CD/MP3
Fishbone Truth And Soul CD/WMA
Fixx, The Greatest Hits CD/MP3
Flamin' Groovies Replay: Groovies Greatest CD
Flamin' Groovies Still Shakin' CD/MP3
Flash Bastard Bastard Radio CD/WMA
Flesh For Lulu Long Live The New Flesh CD/WMA
Flight Risk EP CD-R
Flipp Flipp CD/WMA
Flipp Volume CD/MP3
Floating Men, The A Magnificent Man CD/MP3
Floating Men, The Invoking Michelangelo CD/MP3
Floating Men, The Tall Shadows CD/WMA
Floating Men, The The Song Of The Wind In The Pines CD/WMA
Fluffy Black Eye CD/WMA
Flyaway Minion Fair Travels CD
Free Heartbreaker LP/CD/MP3
Front Row For The Meltdown All The Wrong Things CD/WMA
Front Row For The Meltdown Demos CD
Front Row For The Meltdown Lillian's Last Stand CD/WMA
Funhouse Generation Generator CD/WMA
GAM Phase 8 CD/WMA
Garbage Garbage CD/MP3
Gaza Strippers 100 Watt Confessions CD/MP3
Generation X Live at Paris Theatre 78/81 CD/MP3
Generation X Perfect Hits 1985-1981 CD/WMA
Ginn, Greg Getting Even CD
Girlush Figure Target You CD
Gray, Colin 2 Track demos CD-R
Green River Dry As A Bone / Rehab Doll CD/MP3
Guided By Voices Hardcore UFOs / Best of GBV CD/MP3
Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction LP/CD/WMA
Guns N Roses Illusions CD-R
Guns N Roses Use Your Illusion I CD/WMA
Guns N Roses Use Your Illusion II CD/WMA
Gutter Twins, The Saturnalia CD/MP3
Hamell, Ed Rant & Roll CD
Hangmen, The Metallic I.O.U. CD/MP3
Hanoi Rocks Back To Mystery City CD/WMA
Hanoi Rocks Bangkok Shocks Saigon Shakes LP/CD/WMA
Hanoi Rocks Box Set - 4 CDs CD/WMA
Hanoi Rocks Lean On Me CD/MP3
Hanoi Rocks Self Destuction Blues CD/WMA
Hanoi Rocks Tracks From A Broken Dream CD/MP3
Hanoi Rocks Two Steps From The Move CD/WMA
Harmon, Sam Demo CD
Hedges, Amy Amy Hedges CD
Hendrix, Jimi Kiss The Sky CD/WMA
Henry Clay People, The For Cheap Or For Free CD/MP3
Henry Clay People, The Somewhere On The Golden Coast LP/CD/WMA
Henry Clay People, The This Is A Desert EP CD/WMA
Henry Clay People, The Twenty-Five for the Rest of Our Lives CD/MP3
Hepp, Jeremy Alan No Dark Place, No Deep Shadow CD
High Strung, The These Are Good Times CD/MP3
Highschool Hellcats Electric Mistress + CD-R/MP3
Highwaymen / Loose Diamonds Live Texas Radio CD
Hipperoos Cornered CD
Hitchcock, Robyn Storefront Hitchcock CD/MP3
Hold Steady, The Boys and Girls in America CD/WMA
Hold Steady, The Heaven Is Whenever CD/MP3
Hold Steady, The Stuck Between Stations single CD/MP3
Hole Beautiful Son 3 song single CD/MP3
Hole Pretty On The Inside CD/MP3
Horrible Crowes, The Elsie CD/MP3
Houston, Craig Sway CD/WMA
Houston, Craig & Stranje When Thirteen Had Fallen CD/WMA
Howlin' Maggie Honeysuckle Strange CD/MP3
Howlin' Maggie Hyde CD/MP3
Human Radio Human Radio CD/WMA
Humble Pie 20th Century Masters CD/MP3
Humpers, The Euphoria, Confusion, Anger and Remorse CD/WMA
Humpers, The Live Forever Or Die Trying CD/WMA
Humpers, The Plastique Valentine CD/WMA
Humpers, The The Dionysus Years CD/MP3
I Love You All Of Us CD/WMA
I Love You Hang Straight Up (single) CD
I Love You I Love You CD/MP3
Idol, Billy Billy Idol CD/MP3
Iggy and the Stooges Live at Max's KC 1973 early show CD-R
Iggy and the Stooges Live at Max's KC 1973 late show CD-R
Igniters, The Igniting I CD
Immortal Winos Of Soul Live At The Stone House CD
Interrupters, The The Interrupters CD
Iodine Baby Grand CD/WMA
Iodine Live At Canal St. 5/4/95 CD-R/CS-C
Iodine Maximum Joy CD/WMA
J. Giels Band, The Flashback: The Best of J Giels Band CD/MP3
Jackalopes, The Jacksploitation CD
Jacobites God Save Us Poor Sinners CD/MP3
Jane's Addiction Jane's Addiction CD/WMA
Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking CD/WMA
Jane's Addiction Ritual De Lo Habitual CD/WMA
Jane's Addiction Strays CD/MP3
Jellyfish Jellyfish Comes Alive CD/WMA
Jellyfish New Mistake single CD
Jellyfish Split Milk CD/MP3
John, Elton Greatest Hits CD/WMA
John, Elton Songs From The West Coast CD/WMA
Jones, Steve Mercy CD/MP3
Jonny Two Bags Salvation Town CD/MP3
Joplin, Janis Janis Box Set (3 CDs) CD
Joplin, Janis Pearl LP/CD/MP3
Jukebox Zeros Four On The Floor CD/MP3
Jukebox Zeros Welcome To Rutsville CD/MP3
Kahn, Brenda Destination Anywhere CD
Kahn, Brenda Epiphany In Brooklyn CD/MP3
Kahn, Brenda Goldfish Don't Talk Back CD/CS-C/MP3
Kahn, Brenda Outside The Beauty Salon CD/MP3
Karl Lionize CD
Katellas, The 2 song promo CD/MP3
Kevin Cahoon and Ghetto Cowboy Doll CD
Kill City Dragons Kill City Dragons CD/MP3
Kizirnis, Nick No One Is Listening EP CD
Kravitz, Lenny Mama Said CD/WMA
L7 Monster 3 Track CD/WMA
L7 Smell The Magic CD/WMA
Lanahan, Maery Live Underwater CD
Lane, Sharon and Danny Sauers Gig's Up CD/WMA
Lanegan, Mark Bubblegum CD/MP3
Lanegan, Mark Has God Seen My Shadow? Anthology 1989-2011 CD/MP3
Lanegan, Mark I'll Take Care Of You CD/WMA
Lanegan, Mark Whiskey For The Holy Ghost CD/WMA
Laughner, Peter Nocturnal Submissions CD-R/MP3
Laughner, Peter & Terry Hartman Notes On A Cocktail Napkin CD
Laughner, Peter and Friends Take The Guitar Player For A Ride LP/CD/WMA
Laughner, Peter w/ Don Harvey 7 Songs CD-R
Laughner, Peter w/ Mr. Charlie 5 Songs CD-R
Lennon, John Legend CD-R/MP3
Letters To Cleo Go! CD/MP3
Libertine Rise Above CD
Lit A Place In The Sun CD/MP3
Little Richard Greatest Songs CD/WMA
Little, Jeremy Red Carnations CD/WMA
Living Colour Time's Up CD/MP3
Loose Diamonds Burning Daylight CD/WMA
Loose Diamonds New Location CD/WMA
Lorre, Inger Transcendental Medication CD/WMA
Love Grenades My Winning Smile CD/MP3
Loveless, The A Tale of Gin and Salvation CD/WMA
Lucky Machine Lucky Machine CD
Lynyrd Skynyrd Gold & Platinum CD/MP3
Mae, Audra Audra Mae And The Almighty Sound CD/MP3
Mae, Audra The Happiest Lamb CD/MP3
Malakas, The Too Good Too Be True CD/MP3
Malfunkshun Return To Olympus CD/WMA
Malin, Jesse The Fine Art of Self Destruction CD/MP3
Manic Street Preachers Everything Must Go CD/MP3
Manic Street Preachers Faster 5 song single CD/MP3
Manic Street Preachers Generation Terrorists CD
Manic Street Preachers Generation Terrorists - 20th Anniversary (3 CD) CD/MP3
Manic Street Preachers Generation Terrorists 18 track version CD/LP/MP3
Manic Street Preachers Gold Against The Soul CD/MP3
Manic Street Preachers Holy Bible - 10th Anniversary CD/MP3
Manic Street Preachers Journal For Plague Lovers (Signed) CD
Manic Street Preachers Motorcycle Emptiness 4 song single CD/MP3
Manic Street Preachers New Art Riot EP CD/MP3
Manic Street Preachers Slash N' Burn 4 song single CD/MP3
Manic Street Preachers Slash N' Burn single CD
Manic Street Preachers Stay Beautiful EP CD/MP3
Manic Street Preachers Stay Beautiful EP import cover CD/MP3
Manic Street Preachers The Holy Bible CD/MP3
Manic Street Preachers You Love Us 4 song single CD/MP3
Manson, Marilyn Mechanical Animals CD/WMA
Manson, Marilyn Smells Like Children CD/MP3
Maria, Ida Fortress Round My Heart MP3/CD
Marillion B'Sides Themselves CD/WMA
Marillion Clutching At Straws CD/MP3
Marillion Fugazi CD/WMA
Marillion Misplaced Childhood LP/CD/WMA
Marillion Misplaced Childhood - Boxset CD/BR/MP3
Marillion Script For A Jester's Tear CD/MP3
Marvelous 3 Hey! Album CD/WMA
MC5 Babes In Arms CD/WMA
MC5 Kick Out The Jams CD/MP3
McCoy, Andy Building On Tradition CD/WMA
Meat Loaf Bad Attitude CD/WMA
Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell LP/CD/WMA
Meat Loaf Dead Ringer LP/CD/WMA
Meat Loaf Live From Hell And More Hits (2 CD) CD
Meat Loaf Midnight At The Lost And Found CD/MP3
Meat Loaf Welcome To The Neighborhood Compilation CD-R
Mellencamp, John Uh-Huh CD/MP3
Mellencamp, John Cougar The Lonesome Jubilee CD/MP3
Metallica Ride The Lightning (Remastered) CD
Michael, George Faith CD/MP3
Michael, George Listen Without Prejudice Vol. I CD/MP3
Mind Funk Touch You 4 song sampler CD/WMA
Mondolux Money Shot CD
Mondolux Sweatshop Allure CD/WMA
Mondolux x-mas freebie CD/WMA
Monroe, Michael Nights Are So Long CD/MP3
Montgomery Greene Live @ Canal 1/5/01 CD-R
Montgomery Greene Polar Camp Audience CD
Mother Love Bone Mother Love Bone (2 CD) CD/MP3
Mother Love Bone On Earth As It Is: The Complete Works CD/DVD
Mother Love Bone Pearl Jam & Andrew Wood Demos CD
Mother Love Bone Rhapsody In Chartreuse CD
Mother Love Bone Shine LP/CD
Mother Love Bone Sister Ass CD
Mother Love Bone/ Andrew Wood Words And Music : Communication #1 CD
Motley Crue New Tattoo CD/MP3
Motorcycle Boy Motorcycle Boy CD/MP3
Motorcycle Boy Popsicle CD/CS/MP3
Mould, Bob Beauty & Ruin CD/MP3
Mudhoney Superfuzz Bigmuff plus Early Singles CD/MP3
Murder Your Darlings Murder Your Darlings CD/MP3
Nashville Pussy Eat More Pussy CD/MP3
Nashville Pussy Nashville Pussy / Betty Blowtorch sampler CD
Navarro, Dave Trust No One CD/WMA
Neighborhood Bullys, The Callin' All Rockers CD/MP3
Nervous Wreckords, The Let Them All Talk CD/MP3
New York Dolls In Too Much Too Soon LP/CD/WMA
New York Dolls New York Dolls CD/WMA
New York Dolls One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This CD/WMA
New York Dolls Red Patent Leather : Live In NYC 1975 CD/MP3
New York Dolls Seven Day Weekend CD/CS/MP3
Nico Squat Theater 9/12/80 2 shows CD-R/MP3
Nine Inch Nails Broken CD/WMA
Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine CD/WMA
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral CD/WMA
Nine Inch Nails With Teeth CD
Nirvana Incesticide CD/WMA
Nirvana Nevermind LP/CD/WMA
Nirvana Nirvana CD/MP3
Nix, Cranford Demos CD-R/MP3s
NY Loose Loosen Up EP CD/WMA
NY Loose Year of the Rat CD/WMA
Nymphs A Practical Guide To Astral Projection EP CD/WMA
Nymphs Imitating Angels single CD
Nymphs Live 1-11-88 / Live 8-4-89 CD-R/MP3
Nymphs Live KXLU Studios CD-R/MP3
Nymphs Nymphs CD/CS/WMA
Nymphs Sad And Damned single CD
O'Keefe, Gabriel Heart Of Darkness (not for trade) CD-R
Oasis Definitely Maybe CD/MP3
Obvious, The Rock & Roll In The Big City CD/WMA
Oh My God The Action Album! CD
Oo Oo Wa Rock N' Roll Valhalla CD
Oo Oo Wa Screen Kiss CD
Osbourne, Ozzy Blizzard Of Ozz LP/CD/WMA
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders 14th And Nowhere CD/MP3
Paul K The Big Nowhere CD/MP3
Paul, Ellis Say Something CD/MP3
Peasants, The Out On The Street CD/WMA
Phair, Liz Exile In Guyville CD/WMA
Pillbox NYC Jimbo's Clown Room CD/WMA
Poor Devils, The demo CD
Pop, Iggy American Caesar CD/WMA
Pop, Iggy Avenue B (promo) CD/CS/MP3
Pop, Iggy Brick By Brick CD/WMA
Pop, Iggy Butt Town EP CD/MP3
Pop, Iggy Corruption maxi single CD/MP3
Pop, Iggy Interview CD CD/MP3
Pop, Iggy King Biscuit Flower Hour 7-19-88 CD/MP3
Pop, Iggy Mask maxi single CD/MP3
Pop, Iggy Pop Music CD/WMA
Pop, Iggy The Classic Interviews CD/MP3
Pop, Iggy Wild America EP CD/WMA
Porterfield, Brodie Brodie Porterfield CD/WMA
Poster Children RTFM CD/WMA
Presley, Elvis The Number One Hits CD/WMA
Prima Donna After Hours CD/WMA
Prima Donna Bless The Mess CD/MP3
Prima Donna Vinyl Cuts & Other Pieces CD/MP3
Prince Purple Rain (Deluxe Expanded Edition) CD/DVD/MP3
Prince The Hits / The B-Sides (3 CD) CD/MP3
Pritchard, Tim It Shall Be Revealed CD
Pursuit Of Happiness, The Love Junk CD/MP3
Pursuit Of Happiness, The One Sided Story CD/MP3
Pursuit Of Happiness, The The Downward Road CD/MP3
Pussy Galore Corpse Love : The First Year CD/MP3
Queensryche Operation Mindcrime CD/WMA
Quireboys, The London A Bit Of What You Fancy CD/MP3
Rancid And Out Come The Wolves CD/WMA
Rancid Live in Columbus 09-07-2006 MP3/CD-R
RatCat Tingles EP CD/MP3
Real Lulu We Love Nick CD/MP3
Red C Able Street MP3/CD/CS-C
Red Hot Chili Peppers Collection CD-R/MP3
Replacements, The Don't Tell A Soul CD/WMA
Replacements, The Pleased To Meet Me CD/MP3
Replacements, The Stink CD/WMA
Replacements, The Tim CD/WMA
Ribot, Marc Saints CD/WMA
Ribot, Marc Silent Movies CD/MP3
Richmond Sluts, The The Richmond Sluts CD/MP3
Rilo Kiley More Adventures CD/MP3
Rist Research and Development CD
Road Vultures Fire It Up CD
Rob The Bank 4 Song Promo CD-R/CS/MP3
Rock City Angels Young Man's Blues CD/WMA
Rocket From The Tombs The Day The Earth Met CD/WMA
Rocket From The Tombs Vol. 1 CD-R
Rocket From The Tombs Vol. 2 CD-R
Rolling Stones, The Acoustic Motherfuckers CD-R
Rolling Stones, The Beggars Banquet CD/MP3
Rolling Stones, The Brussels Affair 10/17/73 CD-R
Rolling Stones, The Exile On Main Street CD/MP3
Rolling Stones, The Get Your Leeds Lungs Out - Live Leeds UK 3/17/71 CD-R/MP3
Rolling Stones, The Hillside Blues 2 CDs CD-R
Rolling Stones, The Itchy Fingers CD-R
Rolling Stones, The Let It Bleed CD/MP3
Rolling Stones, The More Stoned Than You'll Ever Be: Anthology 1963-1971 3CDs CD-R
Rolling Stones, The Out On Bail 2 CDs Live Passiac NJ 6/14/78 CD-R
Rolling Stones, The RSVP (new version) CD-R
Rolling Stones, The Some Girls LP/CD/WMA
Rolling Stones, The Sticky Fingers LP/CD/WMA
Rolling Stones, The Sticky Fingers (Deluxe Edition) CD/MP3
Rolling Stones, The Stripped CD/WMA
Rose Tattoo Never Too Loud CD/MP3
Rottweilers Bully Hater MP3/CD-R/CS-C
Rottweilers Rottweilers CD/WMA
Rubber City Rebels Pierce My Brain CD/MP3
Ruby Vileos Demos CD-R/MP3
Saigon Kick Saigon Kick CD/WMA
Saint Motel saintmotelevision CD
Saints, The (I'm) Stranded CD/MP3
Scarce Dead Sexy CD/MP3
Sea Hags Sea Hags CD/WMA
Season To Risk Season To Risk CD/MP3
Sedation Generation Generation Landslide CD
Seger, Bob Beautiful Loser LP/CD/MP3
Seger, Bob Like A Rock CD/MP3
Seger, Bob & The Silver Bullet Band Live Bullet CD/LP/MP3
Seger, Bob & The Silver Bullet Band The Distance CD/LP
Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks CD/WMA
Sex Pistols The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle CD/MP3
Shesus Chainbelt CD/WMA
Shesus Power Tie CD/WMA
Shesus Ruined It For You CD/WMA
Shooting Gallery Shooting Gallery CD/WMA
Shooting Gallery Shooting Gallery (promo) CD
Shrug Everything's Blowing Up Roses CD/WMA
Shrug Live At Canal St. 8/7/95 CS-C/CD-R
Shrug Sampler CD
Shrug Shrug CD/WMA
Shrug Straight To Beta CD/WMA
Shrug Whole Hog for the Macho Jesus CD/WMA
Sib, Joe True Stories And Bad Ideas CD/MP3
Sign Offs, The The Sign Offs CD/MP3
Silverjet Pull Me Up..Drag Me Down CD/WMA
Skid Row Skid Row LP/CD
Sloan Action Pact CD/MP3
Sloan Navy Blues CD/MP3
Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream CD/MP3
Smug Brothers Buzzmounter CD
Snaggletooth Backstage Sessions & Home Recordings CD/WMA
Social Distortion Sex, Love & Rock N Roll MP3/CD
Social Distortion White Light, White Heat, White Trash CD/MP3
Sohio Money & Love CD
Sour Jazz Assorted Bits from Here and There CD
Special Patrol Time Bomb CD
Spence, Gregg Co-Op 1/12/99 CD-R/MP3/CS-C
Spence, Gregg Live At Canal St. Tavern 8/4/95 CD-R/MP3/CS-C
Spoon Telephono CD/MP3
Spread Eagle Spread Eagle CD/MP3
Springsteen, Bruce Born To Run 30th Anniversary Edition CD/MP3
Springsteen, Bruce Live @ The Agora Ballroom 8/9/78 CD-R/MP3
Springsteen, Bruce Tracks EP CD
Star Spangles, The Bazooka!!! CD/MP3
Stars From Mars EP CD-R
Stepsister Autopilot Stuck On Get Down CD
Stewart, Rod Every Picture Tells A Story LP/CD/WMA
Stewart, Rod Storyteller: Anthology 1964-1990 (4 CDs) CD/MP3
Stewart, Rod Unplugged...and seated CD/MP3
Stone Foxes, The Twelve Spells CD/MP3
Stone, Trey & the Ringers Sing About Christmas CD
Stooges, The All Tomorrow's Parties 11/9/03 CD-R
Stooges, The Coachella Festival 4/27/03 CD-R
Stooges, The Funhouse LP/CD/WMA
Stooges, The Head On CD/MP3
Stooges, The Raw Power Deluxe 3 CDs CD/MP3
Stooges, The Raw Power remixed CD/WMA
Stradlin, Izzy 117* CD/WMA
Stradlin, Izzy Pressure Drop EP CD/WMA
Stradlin, Izzy Shuffle It All EP CD/MP3
Stradlin, Izzy Somebody Knockin' Live EP CD/MP3
Stradlin, Izzy Somebody Knockin' single CD
Stradlin, Izzy Stradlin, Izzy And The Ju Ju Hounds CD/MP3
Strummer, Joe & The Mescaleros Streetcore CD/MP3
Sublime Acoustic CD-R/WMA
Sublime Compilation CD-R
Superbees, The Top Of The Rocks CD/WMA
Sweet Best Of CD/MP3
Sweet Desolation Boulevard LP/MP3/CD-R
Teenage Frames 4 song sampler CD/WMA
Television Adventure CD/MP3
Televison Ork Loft 1974 CD-R
Tellers, The The Tellers CD
Temple Of The Dog Temple Of The Dog CD/WMA
Ten O' Clock Scholar, A Quietest CD
Thee Hypnotics Come Down Heavy CD/WMA
Thee Hypnotics Soul, Glitter & Sin CD/WMA
Thee Hypnotics The Very Crystal Speed Machine CD/WMA
Thin Lizzy Black Rose LP/CD/WMA
Thin Lizzy Dedication CD/MP3
Throbs, The The Language Of Thieves And Vagabonds CD/MP3
Thunders, Johnny Club 57 7/81 CD-R
Thunders, Johnny Hurt Me CD/MP3
Thunders, Johnny In Cold Blood : Book CD CD
Thunders, Johnny So Alone CD/MP3
Thunders, Johnny & The Heartbreakers L.A.M.F. : The Lost '77 Mixes CD/WMA
Titanic Love Affair Their Titanic Majesties Request CD/WMA
Titanic Love Affair Titanic Love Affair CD/WMA
Toxic Reasons Independence CD/LP/MP3
Transportation Transportation CD/WMA
Trash Brats Joke's On You CD
Trash Monkeys Pass Out CD/MP3
Tyla As It Was How It Is Volume 1 MP3/CD-R
Tyla As It Was How It Is Volume 2 MP3/CD-R
Tyla Gothic MP3/CD-R
Tyla Libertine MP3/CD-R
Tyla Nocturnal Nomad Demos 1997 CD/MP3
Tyla The Life And Times Of A Ballad Monger CD/MP3
Tyla …Life or Death? MP3/CD-R
Tyla & Spike Flagrantly Yours (acoustic & electric) MP3/CD-R
U2 Rattle And Hum CD/MP3
Ultras, The The Complete Handbook Of Songwriting CD/CS/WMA
Vacancies, The Gutpunch CD/WMA
Van Halen 1984 LP/CD/WMA
Van Halen Fair Warning LP/CD/WMA
Van Halen Van Halen CD/LP/WMA
Van Zandt, Townes Compilation CD-R/WMA
Vanaprasta Healthy Geometry CD/WMA
Various Beyond Cyberpunk CD
Various Blown Out Again CD
Various Co-Op CD/MP3
Various Deep Six CD
Various Doing It Right! Uncut Sampler CD/MP3
Various Drunk On Rock : Volume 2 CD
Various Five Fingers of Dr. X CD
Various George Gershwin CD
Various Going Places CD
Various Grass Of '96 CD
Various Magnet New Music Sampler Volume 44 CD/MP3
Various Midpoint Music Festival 2002 CD
Various Motown - The Classic Years CD/WMA
Various Music Of Ohio : I Am Thunderbird CD
Various Not Lame Records Pop Compilation CD
Various Out on the Streets: The Acoustic Revival Live CD
Various Rock N Roll Era 1954-1961 CD
Various Short Music For Short People CD
Various Sons Of Guns II CD
Various Sub Pop 200 CD
Various TV Guide 50 All-Time Favorite TV Themes CD
Various Uncut Magazine sampler August 2015 CD
Various WYSO Presents - Vol. 1 CD
Various WYSO Presents - Vol. 2 CD
Various / Compilation 70's Compilation CD-R/MP3
Various / Compilation 80's Compilation CD-R/MP3
Various / Compilation Henry Compilation CD-R
Various / Compilation John Easdale & The Songwriter's Revenge CD-R
Various / Compilation Oh Yea! 10/4 Robb Young Compilation CD-R
Various / Compilation Ryan Compilation CD/MP3
Various / Compilation XMAS '04 CD-R
Various / Soundtrack Born To Lose CD/MP3
Various / Soundtrack Bram Stoker's Dracula CD/WMA
Various / Soundtrack Cabaret (1998 Broadway) CD/MP3
Various / Soundtrack Leaving Las Vegas Soundtrack CD/MP3
Various / Soundtrack Les Miserables - Original London Cast CD/MP3
Various / Soundtrack Risky Business Soundtrack CD/MP3
Various / Soundtrack The Secret Garden CD/WMA
Various / Tribute Shared Vision, Vol. 2 - The Songs of the Rolling Stones CD/MP3
Various / Tribute We Will Fall : The Iggy Pop Tribute CD/MP3
Various / Tribute Welcome To Our Nightmare : Alice Cooper Tribute (2 CD) CD
Vectors, The Share.It CD
Velvet Underground, The Best Of CD/WMA
Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground Collection CD-R
Verdone, Jules Diary Of A Liar CD/WMA
Waits, Tom Beautiful Maladies CD/MP3
Waits, Tom Bone Machine CD/WMA
Waits, Tom Closing Time CD/MP3
Waits, Tom Dime Store Novels: Live at Ebbets Field CD-R
Waits, Tom Mule Variations CD/WMA
Waits, Tom Nighthawks At The Diner CD/MP3
Waits, Tom Real Gone CD/WMA
Waits, Tom Small Change CD/WMA
Waits, Tom The Heart Of Saturday Night CD/WMA
Warrior Soul Drugs, God And The New Republic CD/WMA
Warrior Soul Last Decade Dead Century CD/WMA
Warrior Soul Wasteland single CD
Waters, Jack Willard CD
Watershed Star Vehicle CD/WMA
Watt, Mike Ball Hog Or Tugboat CD/MP3
Wells, Bryan 4 Track Recordings CD
Wells, Bryan Live @ Co-op CD
Westerberg, Paul Eventually CD/MP3
Westerberg, Paul Suicaine Gratifaction CD/WMA
Westerberg, Paul / Grandpaboy Dead Man Shake CD
Whitehorse Leave No Bridge Unburned CD/MP3
Wildman Wildman CD
Williamson, James Re-Licked CD/MP3
Wire Chairs Missing CD/WMA
Womack, Tommy Circus Town CD/MP3
Womack, Tommy Positvely Na Na CD
Womack, Tommy Stubborn CD/MP3
Wood, Andrew Malfunkshun: The Andrew Wood Story CD
Yes Highlights - Best of Yes CD/WMA
Young, Neil Compilation CD-R/CS-C/MP3
Young, Robb All Most Made It CD/MP3
Zappa, Frank Have I Offended Someone? CD-R/MP3
Zero Boys Vicious Circle CD/WMA
Zevon, Warren A Quiet Normal Life CD/WMA
Zevon, Warren Excitable Boy CD/WMA
Zevon, Warren Learning To Flinch CD/WMA
Zevon, Warren My Ride's Here CD/MP3
Zevon, Warren The Wind CD/MP3
Zevon, Warren Warren Zevon CD/WMA